If you wish for a convenient, fast and easy way to blend up delicious drinks and healthy meals, a blender is an absolute must. Whether you want to blend up your favorite smoothie, create mouthwatering cocktails, whip up wholesome soups, or even grind up your own pastes from scratch, a good blender is an invaluable component in any kitchen. Blenders come in a variety of different designs, each one created for accomplishing different tasks. But no matter what you plan on blending up, our blender reviews can help you out in finding the best blender on the market.

We only review those products that are proven to have excellent quality. We carefully assess each blender by way of a detailed comparison between the different products, and also by taking into consideration buyer comments. Due to this, the blenders which we review here are guaranteed to be not only user-friendly and durable, but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Take a look at our best blenders reviews so that you may find the good blenders for your needs.

History of Blenders

In 1922, inventor Stephen Poplawski attached some spinning blades into the bottom of a container, and voila … the first blender was patented. Back then, the blender was only intended for mixing milkshakes and blending fruit and vegetable smoothies. Nowadays, with the rapid advancements in technology, blenders are not only able to mix up your strawberry shake or apple and carrot smoothie, but can serve a multitude of other important functions within the kitchen. But since there are a number of things that a good blender can be used for these days, the consumer can easily be confused by the extensive number of different options when looking to make a purchase. Should you spend $50 or $500? And what features will you need? Our Buyer’s Guide along with blender reviews is here to answer these types of questions for you. We will get you up to date on the latest features and types of blenders to ensure that you get a top rated blender. 

Best Blenders Reviews in Summary

NameItem WeightPowerMaterial
Hamilton Beach Blender5.62 lbs700 WattGlass
NutriBullet Blender7.05 lbs600Polycarbonate
KitchenAid KSB1570ER Blender10 550Zinc
Ninja Professional Blender7.61100 Plastic
KitchenAid Diamond Blender10 550Zinc
Oster Professional Blender13 1100 Plastic
Cuisinart Hurricane Blender9.55 2.25 HPPlastic
Nutri Ninja Blender/Processor Combo10.41500Plastic
Cleanblend Blender12 1800Plastic
Blendtec Classic Original Blender7.281560Plastic
Vitamix Explorian Blender10.52.2 HPTritan
Vitamix Standard Programs Blender10 2 HPN/A
Blendtec Designer Series Blender81560Tritan
Vitamix 5200 Blender10.56 N/AN/A

What features to consider when buying a blender

Besides some of the basics which we have already covered earlier in this buyer’s guide, there are certain additional features which will add to your blending experience and further enhance the range of possibilities with its use. Here are some of the things you can have in your blender:

Speed Options and Pulse:

Some blenders will offer a single speed for blending while some will offer as many as 15 speeds for an improved blending control.  To tell you the truth, a great many speed options will undoubtedly lift the price but won’t make much of a difference as far as the performance of the blender is concerned. Two to three speeds are generally sufficient for most of the usual blending tasks that you may encounter in your daily recipes.

However, the presence of a pulse setting will greatly enhance your blending options. Many a times, when you require precise blending results or chunkier consistencies of sauce, this pulse setting will come in handy. It will also help free the blades in case food pieces get stuck and prevent them from rotating.

Pre-programmed Settings:

Almost all of the high-performance blenders that are available today come with convenient pre-programmed blending cycles for some common blending functions such as smoothies, milkshakes, juices, soups, sauces, desserts, dough kneading. You will also find an innovative self-cleaning function which will make cleaning hassle-free for you.

Control Panel:

There are different types of control panels which you will find on the blender base including push buttons and touchpad. Touchpad controls are the more commonly used and preferred varieties nowadays since they are simple to use and wipe clean. Push buttons, on the other hand, are quite difficult to clean since bits of food tend to get stuck in between the buttons and are difficult to reach.

Dial speed adjustments and flip switch are also some of the options that are available in blender varieties. Flip switch is pretty simple to use and clean, however, it won’t offer you with many control options. As for the dial adjustments, you will have to turn through the dial to reach a specific speed; it cannot be attained directly.

The high-end blenders will also include a digital display with the control panel to display information such as the options available, speed etc.. Some will also include timer options which will support unsupervised blending and will display related information on the digital display.


There are different attachments that can be included in the package besides the basic blending jar. These attachments will diversify the range of functions it can perform and enhance your convenience in the kitchen. Many blenders, these days, come with additional personal blending cups such as the Nutri Ninja series of blenders.

These cups come with lids so that you can quickly blend yourself a drink and take it to work with the lid on top. Some will also come with a separate chopping bowl which will add food processing capabilities to the package. Consider which attachments will make your work easier and will come in handy with your usual recipes. This will help you decide whether you actually need the little tit bits you are paying extra for.

Best Blender Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach Blender

Hamilton Beach BlenderOne of the cheapest blenders that you will find in the market is this family-sized blender by Hamilton Beach. Despite the low price tag on the unit, it features a strong motor of 700 watts capable of performing most blending tasks with ease. The high-powered blender adds versatility to your kitchen by preparing a good range of recipes including smoothies, salsa, sauce and purees. You can even enjoy thicker consistencies of smoothies by adding ice and frozen fruits inside the blending jar without fearing any damage to the motor or the blades. Speaking of the blending jar, it features a large capacity of 40 oz, is dishwasher safe and made from BPA-free glass. It also features a pour spout in the design to allow you to pour out drinks without creating any mess on the counter.

12 blending functions are available on the control panel with only 4 simple-to-use buttons to make your tasks simpler. Among the 12 blending functions, you will also find a convenient ‘EasyClean’ option to allow quick cleaning of the appliance without using a dishwasher. Furthermore, the unique design of the ‘Ice Sabre’ blades brings about the patented Wave-Action system to pull all the ingredients into the blades for quicker and uniform blends without using a tamper.  You will, additionally, enjoy the complete 3-year warranty with the package. Overall, it is one of the most affordable blenders in the market and will make a compact and an excellent addition to your kitchen.


The blender is not very efficient at creating green smoothies and the glass jar that is included increases the overall weight of the blender. Also, most customers prefer plastic jars since they are convenient to handle. You will, additionally, find the model somewhat noisier in operation as compared to others in the market.

2. NutriBullet Blender

NutriBullet Blender If you are looking for a complete blending package with multiple sized jars and superior performance to make your smoothie making experience convenient and enjoyable, this is just the model you will need. NBR-1201 by NutriBullet is a complete 12-piece blending set which comes with a high-torque 600 watts power base which lets you create fruit smoothies, green smoothies and protein shakes effortlessly in your kitchen.

The package will also include 2 sets of blades to work with: an emulsifying blade which makes use of the patented cyclonic action to cut through the cell walls of the fruits and vegetables to extract maximum nutrients and a flat blade for grinding. Additionally, there are three blending cups, 1 large and two small ones to let you create personal serving of smoothies and take them on the go with resealable lids that are available in the same package. Besides the re-sealable lids, you will also find lip rings for convenient handling of the cups. All the parts are dishwasher safe for easier cleanup and BPA-free for the reassurance of your health. The product is also UL listed for further reassurance to the customers.

You will also appreciate the addition of a resourceful nutrition guide and a recipe booklet in the package to help you get started on a healthy lifestyle. This extensive blending system is one of the cheapest models you will find in the market and is backed with a 1-year warranty by the manufacturer.


Although you can add frozen ingredients to create thicker consistencies of your smoothies, the motor is not powerful enough to handle ice. Also, the model can sometimes pose problems when blending green smoothies. Fibrous vegetables can sometimes get stuck between or under the blades and become hard to dislodge.

3. KitchenAid KSB1570ER Blender

KitchenAid KSB1570ER Blender You don’t always need to spend a fortune if you want to own a nice blender. Here is an excellent family-sized blender in a very affordable budget for you. This is a 5-speed blender by KitchenAid offers stainless steel blades to prepare sauces and smoothies almost just as efficiently as the high-end blenders.

The base made out of Die Cast metal remains stable even when you are blending at the highest speed while the 56-ounces blending jar is BPA-free and prepares enough smoothie servings to feed the entire family. The pitcher is additionally shatter-resistant, stain-resistant and dishwasher safe to allow simpler cleanup.

What’s unique about the model is the intelli-speed motor control which automatically senses the ingredients you add to the blender and adjusts the speed accordingly. You can also control the operation manually with the 5 speed options in addition to a crush-ice and pulse button. The blender also includes a soft-start feature which starts processing the ingredients at a slower speed to incorporate all of them into the blending cycle before resuming action at the speed which you have selected.


Of course, as you would expect with a smaller price tag, the blender does not offer a very long warranty. Also it does not handle tough ingredients as easily as the high-end blenders. It’s better not to try adding ice, nuts, frozen fruits or other hard ingredients to the blender to ensure smooth running.

4. Ninja Professional Blender

Ninja Professional BlenderOne of the cheapest high-performance blenders that you will find in the market is BL660 by Ninja. Featuring a powerful 1100 watts motor and priced under $100, it’s not surprising to find it among the best selling blenders on Amazon. Besides the powerful performance and ice-crushing capabilities, the blender features 3-speed settings to work with along with a convenient pulse option and single-serve function. The single-serve function is used with the single-serve blade assembly and one of the two 16 ounces NutriNinja cups that are available. You can blend in these single-serve cups and take them on the go using the To-Go lids that are available in the package.

Besides the personal serving options, the blender also includes a large 72 oz. Total Crushing pitcher which works together with the Total Crushing blade assembly to cut through all kinds of ingredients including frozen fruits and ice with complete ease. You will also find the blender highly competent at creating green smoothies. Just like all the other high-end blender models, all the detachable parts are dishwasher safe and BPA-free. You may also clean it quite easily by blending a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water for a couple of seconds before rinsing the jug and the lid.

There is, additionally, a standard 1-year warranty with the product to cover any defects that may appear during the warranty period. Overall, it is a powerful blending machine which features good value for money, is simple to use and will look great on your kitchen counter with the contemporary design that it features.


The model is rather heavy as compared to most other blenders available in the market. However, the same feature also helps it establish a firm footing on your kitchen counter while operating. It is also a bit louder than you would like, especially when you operate it at a high speed.

5. KitchenAid Diamond Blender

KitchenAid Diamond Blender The Diamond blender by KitchenAid is a popular choice among customers because of the simple design, superior performance and the affordable price tag that it features. In just a little over $100, you get this powerful blender with over 15 different color options to choose from and a unique Intelli-Speed motor control which assesses the types of ingredients that you have added to the jar and adjusts the speed and the power of the motor to pulverize them efficiently. The family-sized blending pitcher features a 60 oz, blending capacity and is shatter-resistant and stain-proof besides being dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. It is, additionally, BPA-free to ensure your health.

The diamond blender makes use of its unique diamond blending system which is a combination of its powerful motor, uniquely designed diamond pitcher, stainless steel blades and effective controls to bring about a fast and effective blending action, better than that offered by most of the other blenders.

The base is made of die cast metal so that it holds firmly to the kitchen counter and includes touch controls which are easy to wipe clean and just as easy to use. Besides the ice-crush and pulse option, you can select between 5 speeds to blend the components. The intelligent soft-start feature will start the blender at the lowest speed to bring all the ingredients together into the blades and will then quickly move up to the selected, higher speed. The blender features a sleek design which won’t take up much of your countertop space and comes with an impressive 5-year warranty from its manufacturer to prove its quality and durability.


Since the motor of the blender is not as powerful as that of the high-end blenders, it may take a bit longer to create uniform blends of the ingredients.

6. Oster Professional Blender

Oster Professional BlenderAvailable at almost the same price as the Diamond blender by KitchenAid, this is a blender by Oster which features a professional-grade motor with 1100 watts of power to pulverize anything within seconds. This powerful blender can crush ice and handle thicker consistencies of smoothies just like one of those expensive models. Additionally, it features a BPA-free Tritan Jar with a capacity of 64 ounces, enough to serve smoothies to the entire family. Along with the blending jar, you also get an adequately sized 5-cups processing cup with a chopping blade and slicing/shredding discs. The addition of these accessories turns the unit into a fully capable food processor as well.

This blender/processor combo, additionally, comes with two 20 oz. blending cups for creating personal serving drinks and enjoying them in the same cup. Of course, these personal blending cups will also come with lids to take them on the go. The control panel is simple to use with some very convenient preset programs along with manual speed settings and a pulse option. Along with these basic control features, you will also find a unique ‘reverse blend’ button which will motion the blades to continuously change their direction of rotation to pull the ingredients into the blades more effectively and create smoother blends. Another top feature which makes it such a big hit among customers is the long 7 year warranty that its manufacturer offers with the purchase. This warranty is among the longest that you will find in the market.


Although the package includes a wide range of accessories, it does not come with a storage case to store all the pieces safely. Without a storage case, it can be quite a challenge to keep everything in place without losing any of the essential pieces. Also, you will not find a tamper in the package.

7. Cuisinart Hurricane Blender

Cuisinart Hurricane BlenderAn excellent choice of blender in the market is this high-powered blender by Cuisinart. It will surprise you to know that it delivers a power of 2.25 HP with such a reasonable price tag. Although, the motor delivers the power of a ‘hurricane’ it will operate quietly using its unique double housing design so as not to disturb those outside the kitchen.  Besides the powerful motor of the blender, what also makes it a preferred choice is the larger 60 ounce Tritan jar which is both, BPA-free for your health safety and easy to clean. The blending jar comes with a tightly sealed lid with a removable 2-ounce measuring cup in the center.

The blender features plenty of option using its touchpad controls with a range of preprogrammed functions, manual speeds and pulse. You will also find a convenient LCD timer on the control panel which comes with a programmable timer which can be set to a maximum of 3 minutes. Additionally, it features an intelligent load sensing technology which will adjust the blending power depending on the type and amount of ingredients that you add into the blending jar.

Other than the contemporary design and the smart controls, the blender also features a strong and durable construction with commercial-grade stainless steel 4-prong blades to handle anything from ice to hard fruits and vegetables without wearing down even after years of regular use. The manufacturer also offers a 3 year warranty to guarantee the durability of the appliance.


The blender does not come with variable manual speeds to select from. Unlike most of the high-end models which feature a range of speeds, this one only offers high and low speed options to select between. Also, a tamper would have been a useful addition to the package since it helps push the food, especially thicker consistencies, back to the blades.

8. Nutri Ninja Blender/Processor Combo

Nutri Ninja Blender/Processor ComboAlthough it is not priced as high as the top Vitamix blender models, Nutri Ninja features an excellent blender plus a food processor in the single package. On top of the 1200 watts motor base, you can mount the 72 ounces total crusher pitcher, 8 cups food processing bowl or one of the three smaller Nutri Ninja cups (32 oz., 24 oz. or 18 oz.) for single serving drinks.

One of the most impressive features is the auto-IQ technology which offers intelligent blending cycles which include suitable blending, pulsing and pausing for different recipes. The food processing feature is capable of kneading dough as well besides the usual chopping and grinding features. The Nutri Ninja cups are an excellent addition to the family-sized pitcher and come with individual Sip & Seal lids to take your personal drinks on the go.

The pro extractor blade assembly which is included with the large blending pitcher is uniquely designed to take on the toughest ingredients such as ice and nuts in a matter of seconds and extract the maximum nutrients from fruits, vegetables and seeds. All the parts of the appliance are dishwasher safe and BPA-free.


Of course it costs a bit higher than most average blenders in the market but once you understand all the features that come with it, the higher price tag seems completely worth it. Some users have also complained of the size of the personal Nutri Ninja cups saying that it’s a bit too wide to hold comfortably.

9. Cleanblend Blender

Cleanblend BlenderHere is another one of the reasonable priced blenders in the market which is built to deliver commercial-grade performance. With a strong 3 HP motor, the blender is capable of performing most blending and food processing tasks that you will encounter in the kitchen and for this reason it can replace most of your simpler kitchen appliances with its superior performance. Not only can it create thick smoothies and milkshakes for you, you can use the same unit to prepare yourself a glass of fresh juice, a cup of ice cream, margarita or even hot soup! It also handles thick batters, sauces and dressings with ease.

The power to create smoother and faster blends not only comes from its strong motor, but also from its commercial-grade 8 blade system made from stainless steel which is also equipped with sealed ball bearing to deliver maximum blending performance. The superior performance of the motor and the blades is combined with a set of advanced controls with an on/off switch, a dial for variable speeds and another switch for pulse.

Furthermore, its large 64 ounce blending jar is made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic to let you enjoy healthy smoothies with absolutely no traces of toxic chemicals in your drink. The package will also include a very resourceful tamper which is BPA-free and will help you deal with thicker consistencies of foods such as nut butter and ice cream. There is also a long 5-year warranty with the package from CleanBlend.


One of the cons to buying CleanBlend is the absence of preset blending programs. The blender only features manual speeds to select from so you will have to prepare smoothies, soups, ice creams etc based on your own expertise and intuition. Also the blending jar is too tall to allow the blender to sit under a kitchen cabinet easily.

10. Blendtec Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Classic Original BlenderWith a slightly higher price tag than that of CleanBlend, here is another commercial-grade blender by BLendtec which is also amongst the best selling models on Amazon. It features a strong 1560 watts motor and offers a range of different features which can replace a bunch of appliances in your kitchen. The blender features touch controls with 6 preset options for blending functions such as soups, smoothies, ice cream and also self cleaning. While the rest of the preset options allow unsupervised preparation of your favorite recipes, the self cleaning function allows hassle-free cleanup of the appliance using warm water and a drop of soap. All you have to do is to add soap and water to the blender, select the self-cleaning option and let the machine do the rest. Besides the preset options, you will also find 10-speed manual settings and a convenient pulse option to choose from.

The 75 ounce blending jar is larger than most you will find in the market and can handle drinks for 3 to 4 persons with ease. This FourSide jar is made from BPA-free material and features a design which will automatically pull the ingredients into the blades for faster and uniform blends. To further promote uniform and faster blends, the appliance comes with the patented stainless steel, winged blades. Although the blades will deliver fast and effective performance, the edges are deliberately kept dull rather than sharp to prevent any finger cuts and allow safe usage, even for amateur cooks or kids. Additionally, the 8-year warranty with this American-based blender is one of the longest that you will find in the market.


Although it is among the most capable blenders in the market, it is somewhat noisy during operation which might prevent you from preparing early morning smoothies if the rest of the family is asleep. Also, the unit does not include a tamper which can be quite inconvenient at times, especially when dealing with thicker blends.

11. Vitamix Explorian Blender

Vitamix Explorian BlenderAlthough pricier than most of the other blender models in the market, it is also among the most powerful ones that you will find. Besides the 2.2 peak HP motor, it features stainless steel blades of aircraft grade construction to handle all kinds of ingredients and even the thickest consistencies with ease. Besides smoothies, salsas and frozen desserts, you can also enjoy bubbling hot vegetable soups right out of the blending jar within seconds. You may even use the same appliance for some of the most popular food processing applications such as kneading dough and preparing nut butter. The blender features 10 variable speed controls to allow you to create recipes to your liking. There is also an additional pulse switch which will come in handy when creating a coarse blend or when crushing ice.

The 64 ounce blending jar is made from BPA-free Tritan and is intelligently designed short enough to fit under most kitchen cabinets easily. It also promotes effortless cleaning with its convenient self-cleaning capabilities. You simply have to add soap and water to the jar, let it run for a good 30 seconds before discarding the soapy water and rinsing the jar. Vitamix also includes a BPA-free tamper in the package to allow you to conveniently push the ingredients back towards the blades for uniformly blended outcomes. The appliance comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years on parts and labor. Overall, it’s one of the most capable USA-based blenders that you will find in the market.


The absence of preset options, similar to CleanBlend, might seem a bit inconvenient to some users. You will have to go with your own judgment to choose the speeds and the blending times when dealing with different recipes such as smoothies or soups. Also, the warranty seems a bit shorter as compared to most other blenders that we have discussed in the list, especially considering the higher price tag on this one.

12. Vitamix Standard Programs Blender

Vitamix Standard Programs BlenderAmong the most expensive blenders that you will find in the market is this one featured by VItamix. It may seem a bit pricier than other models but presents advanced features and a superior blending performance which will completely justify its price. Along with the 10 manual speed settings which are selected through a dial, this model also features 3 pre programmed settings to choose from. The addition of these pre programmed settings is the major difference that you will find between this model and the Vitamix  Explorian discussed above. The preset options allow ‘walk-away’ convenience and perfect results when preparing hot soups, frozen desserts or smoothies. There is also an additional pulse switch that you will find on the control panel.

The 2 peak HP motor is built to deliver commercial-grade performance to the blender while the hardened stainless steel blades are strong enough to pulverize snow within seconds or rotate fast to create enough friction to create hot soups from cold ingredients. Furthermore, the motor produces uniform torque and keeps its temperature down to prevent overheating even when running continuously for a long time. To add to the exceptional blending performance, the manufacturer presents a 64 ounce blending jar with pour spout. The jar is made from strong, BPA-free plastic and includes a tightly sealed lid with a removable cap in the center. You will also find the jar simple to clean with its self cleaning capabilities. The company also offers an acceptable warranty of 5 years with the product.


Other than the higher price tag on the model which may make it difficult to afford for many customers, the jar is a bit taller to fit under the kitchen cabinets. Also, it’s not very quiet while operating at high speeds due to which you may find it unsuitable to use at an odd time, say to fulfill your smoothie cravings in the middle of the night.

13. Blendtec Designer Series Blender

Blendtec Designer Series BlenderIf you want a multi-tasker in your kitchen rather than simply a blender, here is a machine which is just the right one for you. In a single package, you get besides a blender, an ice-cream maker, juicer, latte machine, soup maker and grinder.

The 560 watts motor and the uniquely designed stainless steel blades are strong enough to work with anything from fruits and vegetables, to meat, ice, nuts and eve coffee beans. Its patented 5-sided jar makes the processing faster without the need for a plunger. This Wildside jar can blend up to 36 oz of ingredients which makes enough servings for a small family.

For convenient usage, 6 pre-programmed cycles are available for the most common functions which also include a self-cleaning function. Besides the pre-set cycles, you also have the option of controlling the processing manually with its 100-speed slider plus a pulse option. With all the rest of the wonderful features that this blender has to offer, it also comes with an impressively long 8 years warranty.


Some customers have complained of the loud operation as compared to other models of comparable price in the market. Some also found issues with the pre-set smoothie function saying that the ingredients get stuck and require manual intervention to get things moving again.

14. Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix 5200 BlenderAlthough newer versions are available in the market, Vitamix 5200 remains a favorite among many customers giving the attractive price and the exceptional performance that it brings with it. With a classic design and simple operation, the machine can blend steamy soups, creamy nut butters, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream and even pizza dough with perfect ease.

Besides preparing endless recipes, the blender is also capable of cleaning itself when its job is done. You simply need to add soapy water and run the machine with the lid on for half a minute before taking it off the base and rinsing it. The variable speed control allows you to achieve any texture of the ingredients which you would like while the 64-ounce blending jar has enough room for making multiple servings to feed an entire family.

The razor sharp, stainless steel blades are of aircraft grade and can puree almost anything from frozen fruits and vegetables to ice in a matter of seconds. What’s also impressive about the blender is its cool running motor which is backed for your peace of mind with a long 7 years warranty.


The only major negative point we found for this kitchen blender is that it is not dishwasher safe. However, the self-cleaning feature which the blender includes with it makes the cleaning task just as simple. It must also be mentioned that the unit is a little noisier in operation than some of the other blenders out there so you might not be able to use it in the middle of the night.

Reasons for Blending

With the increase in health awareness among the general public through media and the internet, more and more people are opting for healthier means for preparing their food and ways to add more nutrients to their daily intake. One of the most important ways to do so is to incorporate an efficient blender into your daily recipes. Let’s look at some of the major reasons why people opt for blending food:

More fibers:

Juices are undoubtedly very healthy drinks which give us a nutritious boost right away. However, juicing removes all the beneficial fibers from the juice drink. Blending, on the other hand, retains all the precious fibers in the final blended drink. Among many reasons why fibers are good for your body, an improved digestive system is a major one.

Nutritious and healthy:

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with healthy nutrients and using a blender is all about adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. Most of us aren’t too willing to munch down an entire carrot or have an apple every day, are we? By using a blender, we can make sure that we take the required quantities of vitamins and minerals that our body is deprived of.


Blending opens the doors to countless culinary possibilities. There are tons of smoothie recipes that you will find on the internet. You can even create your own specialized recipes using all your favorite fruits and vegetables. Also, blenders aren’t simply for making smoothies. You can try homemade sauces, dips, soups and all kinds of different blended recipes to present at the table.

Quick breakfast:

Most people can relate to the routine of getting up late and skipping breakfast to make it to work on time. It’s true that the usual bread and egg breakfast can take time to prepare and even more time to sit and eat at the table. Having a blended drink for breakfast, on the other hand, takes less than a minute to prepare, another minute to gulp it down and keeps you full and satisfied for many hours. You can even take it along to work in a lidded cup if you don’t want to waste time drinking it at home.

How Powerful should my Blender be?

Besides the size of your blender, another thing that’s most important in relation to its design is the motor installed in it. You should pay careful attention to the motor power while picking out a blender to purchase.

You might not even need a whole bunch of fancy features that most manufacturers will advertise. All that is required for almost every blending purpose is a strong structure and a powerful motor. The thick consistencies of smoothies, and the possibilities for tough blending tasks, such as nut butter and dough kneading, all come from a strong motor. As a basic rule, the higher the wattage of a blender that you can find, the better it is. However, a higher wattage of the blender also means that you have to pay a higher price.

So what is the minimum wattage which we are looking at? It will actually depend on your requirements and the types of recipes that you will be using it for but a minimum of 600 watts is essential if you are planning on thick smoothies and kneading pizza dough. You will even find some premium quality blenders in the market featuring over 1000 watts of motor power to offer ultimate ice-crushing, meat grinding and dough kneading capabilities. Of course, you’ll need a higher budget to be thinking of these blenders.

What Material should your Blender be made of?

Most countertop blenders will include 4 basic parts in their design: base, jug, lid and blades. All of these parts will use different materials for their construction which will together decide upon the overall quality of the blender and its worth too. Let’s discuss each of these parts separately and see how you will determine the quality of each:


The high-quality blenders will always feature a strong and stable base so that it shouldn’t wobble when you are blending food at high speeds. Steel or thick plastic are the preferred choices when it comes to the base of a good blender. Weaker or unstable bases generally come with a weaker motor which aren’t quite capable of hard-core blending tasks. Besides the strength, the base should also be smooth and simple to wipe clean for the convenience of the user.

Blending Jug:

The blending jug of the blenders usually comes in glass or plastic, although there are few models which will offer steel jugs too. However, steel jugs are the least popular among customers since they won’t allow visibility of the contents unless you lift the lid. Glass and transparent plastic are, therefore, preferred options owing to their see-through capabilities.

Thick plastic is the most popular option for the material of blending jug since it’s cheaper, lighter and easier to handle, although some high-end blender varieties feature glass jugs. What you need to be careful about when buying a blender which offers a plastic jar is that it should be ‘BPA-free’. BPA-free plastic is considered safer for culinary usage especially if you intend to prepare meals for your baby using the appliance.

The benefits of using a glass jar over a plastic one is that it will resist stains and food odors which tend to linger in plastic containers. If you do choose a blender with a glass jar, make sure it is scratch and shatter resistant.


The lid of the blender is usually made of plastic or steel but do make sure that it’s a tightly fitted one so that it does not come off when the blender is running. A loosely fitted lid can result in a huge mess if it comes off when blending at a high speed, in case you forget to hold it down with your hands.


What’s just as important as the strength of the motor for hard core blending tasks is the quality of the blades that are offered by the manufacturer. Watch out for cheaper plastic blades which aren’t capable of much besides some basic milkshake making capabilities.

What you need to look for are sharp, strong, stainless steel blades which will crush through the toughest ingredients within seconds. Some blenders like those from Nutri Ninja feature a sophisticated blade assembly, called the ‘Extractor Blades’, to extract maximum nutrients from the ingredients in minimum possible time.

How much will I pay for a blender?

Now that we have sort out our preferences regarding the size, power and material of the blender, we also need to give some heed to the budget involved. After all, we can’t break a bank to buy a sooper-dooper blender which we can’t even afford!

The thing is that there is not a single correct price which we can give to you. With more and more models appearing in the market on a weekly (sometimes even daily) basis, you will find blenders in a wide range of prices from as low as $30 to as high as $500. Many premium quality blenders will cost you even higher than this.

Of course, you get what you pay for. So the high-priced premium blenders will  not just offer superior blending capabilities, they are also most likely to offer with many food processing functions as well including dough kneading, nut butter preparations, meat grinding and more. The very cheap blenders, on the other hand, will feature weak motors which will break down the instant you try blending hard vegetables in it. Also, they will result in chunkier textures and thinner consistencies, both of which aren’t the properties of a great-tasting smoothie.

That being said, you don’t necessarily need a very high budget to find yourself a good blender.  Just consider all the things that we have mentioned in the guide and you are sure to pick out a great blender for yourself and that too in a suitable budget. Make sure to take a look at the reviews which we have offered in the same guide. We have picked the perfect blenders from all price ranges so that you find the perfect blender no matter what budget you have in mind.

How to make the most out of my Blender?

Assuming that you have already brought home a wonderful blending machine, let us take you through some tips on how to start using it and how to make the most out of your experience with it. Blender, actually, is a fairly simple tool. There isn’t much to it besides a blending jar, a lid, a set of blades and a base with a couple of control buttons. Just give a quick look to the instruction manual that comes with your appliance and you’re good to go. However, here are some additional tips, from our knowledge, which will help enhance your blending experience:

Order of ingredients:

One of the most basic tips while using a blender is to place in the ingredients in their correct order. You must now be thinking what will make the correct order of ingredients? The rule for any blender is to add the lightest ingredients, or the liquids, first and then the heavier ones. Start with the blender base such as yogurt, milk or water. Then you will add the fresh fruits or frozen fruits and ice goes in at the very end. The addition of the liquids in the beginning to cover the blades will help things get going inside the blending jar. If you add the solids first, they might block the blades and prevent it from moving.

Fixing an air bubble:

Sometimes you may experience a large air bubble covering up the blades and preventing it from blending the contents effectively. This issue can be avoided by using ample amount of liquid to your ingredients. However, if you still encounter such an issue, the ‘pulse’ button is your best friend to get rid of that big, bad air bubble and resume normal functioning of the blades. You may also remove the lid and use a tamper to adjust the ingredients and break the bubble to resume the action of the blades.

Cut the large fruits:

If you’re using large fruits and vegetables in your blended drink, make sure you cut them into smaller pieces before adding them to your blender. Cutting the fruits will help fit everything nicely inside the blender and will also result in a faster and a more uniform blend.

Leave room to expand:

Never fill up your blender to the rim. Always leave some room for the ingredients to expand otherwise they may spill out of the blender and leave a huge mess on the counter. Leave at least 1/3rd of the blending jar empty so that the ingredients may expand freely without spilling out.

Blending hot liquids:

Only blend hot liquids inside your blender if the machine is capable of handling high temperatures. Most high-performance blenders are capable of creating hot soups in the blender without using any stove but care must be taking when creating hot recipes. Fill the jar only halfway at a time and leave the lid cap open so that steam may escape freely. Also, remember to start at the lowest speed and gradually move to a higher speed to blend the contents.

Let the blender take breaks:

Allow some breaks at regular intervals if a blending task asks for long blending durations. When creating nut butter, for example, don’t let the machine run continuously for too long otherwise the motor may overheat. Turn the machine off and let it rest for several seconds for the motor to cool down before resuming work.

Different Types of Blenders:

In order to choose the best rated blender for your home, you should understand the different types of blenders available. At the most general level, there are two types: a countertop blender and a handheld blender

How long is the warranty?

Another one of the most important questions that need to be answered not just for the purchase of your new blender but any investment which you make is the warranty that is offered. If you pay a handsome amount to buy something, it is essential that you have a long-term warranty offered with it to safeguard your investment.

The rule for the warranty of any blender that you buy is: the longer the better! The high-end blenders such as those from Vitamix or Blendtec will offer warranties as long as 7 years! However, the budget blenders may not offer such long a warranty as they aren’t built to last that long. However, for your complete peace of mind while using the appliance, you should try to pick something that offers at least a yearlong warranty to cover any damages that you may encounter during your time with it.

You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where you want to pay for expensive repairs out of your own pocket or discard the product completely and spend money buying a fresh, new piece. Save yourself from all the trouble and find yourself a quality blender which offers a decent warranty and a reliable customer service such as those we have added in our blender reviews section.


Blenders have come a long way over the years, and you may find yourself in the common situation of needing a blender yet being overwhelmed with an overabundance of options. We are here to help lead you through your various options to make certain that you find the absolute best blender reviews for your needs. Of course depending on if you are simply making smoothies and juices, churning out your favorite milkshake, or cooking up home-made hearty soup, the proper blender will vary. We will run you through the various features, types of blenders and reviews, modes of clean-up, and other considerations to confirm that you are well informed.