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Why Should You Buy A High-Speed Blender?

For most home cooks, blender is an indispensible cooking tool. If you ask me, I use my blender almost daily for almost every meal I cook. I don’t remember what I did before I owned one but now that I have a high-speed Vitamix, I can’t imagine a life without it. If you are considering replacing your old blender or buying one for the first time, you might be thinking whether a high-speed blender is a good investment. Since a high-performance blender generally costs a lot higher than a regular blender, many cooks contemplate if such an investment is really necessary and if a regular blender can do everything a high-speed one can.

If a reputable company such as Vitamix or Blendtec is charging $400 or more for a particular category of their blenders, they must have a good reason to do so. And there is! Not just 1 good reason but multiple reasons which distinguish it from a regular blender and make it definitely worth an investment. Here is a list of the top most ones:

Extract More Nutrients:

Using a regular blender you will not be able to blend all the parts of the fruits and vegetables very smoothly. Some of the parts will be left unblended and might be discarded by your digestive system which if emulsified completely in the drink would have been of much benefit to your body. A high-speed blender makes sure that everything that is put into it gets blended into a perfectly smooth drink so that your body can benefit from all the parts of the ingredient.

Saves Time:

A high speed blender will save your cooking time in several ways. Firstly, you wouldn’t need to cut the ingredients into smaller pieces to help the motor as is the case with a regular blender. The motor of a high-performance blender can quickly blend large pieces or whole ingredients into a smooth puree. Secondly, since there is no problem of clogging up of food as usually happens with a regular blender, you won’t have to pause the blending, open the lid and use a tamper to help the blades resume their rotation. A higher wattage of motor will also blend the ingredients much faster than a lower wattage one.

Versatile use:

Since it does much more than just blend, a high-speed blender may seem like an expensive investment initially but is actually saving you money by performing the tasks of multiple kitchen appliances in one device. You can use it as a grinder to grind coffee beans, nuts and even seeds. It can also perform many functions of a good quality food processor including kneading and making nut butter. With the blades rotating at high speeds, these blenders can create enough friction to make hot soup out of frozen ingredients! However, the most important reason why most people consider purchasing a high speed blender is its ability to turn solid ice to snow. This ability allows your smoothies to be creamier, thicker, richer and as a result much tastier!


Generally speaking, a high-performance blender will serve you for a longer time than a regular blender. The reason is that since its high speed is because of its stronger motor, the motor is less likely to suffer overheating or burnout than the one of a regular blender which is weaker and has a lower wattage. Their durability is also reflected by their longer warranties of over 7 to 8 years.

If you want to put your money in the right place and benefit from all these things listed above, a high-speed blender is the best thing you could bring to your kitchen.

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