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What Can My Blender Do Besides Making Smoothies?

Almost everybody buys a blender thinking they’ll have smoothie everyday for breakfast and lead a healthy life. After a while you will be really bored with the usual smoothies and think to yourself if your blender is good for anything else besides smoothies or was it simply a waste of your money. The fact is your blender is capable of much more! Smoothies are merely a small fraction of all the functions that a blender can perform for you. Smart cooks should be aware of all smart way in which they can use their blenders and add versatility to their kitchen. Here are some cool ways in which you can put your blender to work besides making smoothies:


Instead of mixing the pancake batter with your hands using a whisk or fork, try blending the ingredients in your blender next time you are in the mood of pancakes or waffles. You will see that the batter will mix uniformly with no lumps much quickly and easily than when done by hand.


There is nothing better in winter evenings than a cup of hot, creamy, vegetable soup to warm up your insides add additionally help provide you with the essential nutrients from the vegetables present in the ingredients.

If you have a high-performance blender, your blender could even ‘cook’ the soup without having to put the ingredients into a pot to heat them up on the stove. You will only need to add the ingredients to the blender, select the appropriate setting and your soup will be ready in merely a few minutes.

If you have an immersion blender, that’s great for soups too. Using these stick blenders, you can puree hot ingredients into the pot in which they are being cooked. With a regular blender, you will need to wait for the cooked ingredients to cool down before blending them.

Powdered Sugar:

Most of the dessert recipes call for powdered sugar. If your pantry is all out of powdered sugar when you plan to make a dessert, you don’t need to head to the store to buy it anymore. If you have your blender around, you can simply add the regular sugar into it and run the blender till you get a fine white powder. This powdered sugar made at home with only one simple ingredient is just as good as the one you will buy from the store.


With your blender, you can make delicious sauces and dips for a dinner party even at the last minute before the guests arrive. You simply need to add the appropriate vegetables to the blender along with a liquid such as oil, lemon juice or water and blend to the exact consistency you want and you will have your sauce ready.


You must be asking yourself why on earth you would want to take out a blender for such a simple dish. But once you have tried this trick, this is the only way you will like your omelets to be made. You simply need to blend the eggs in your blender for a couple of seconds, add seasonings like salt and pepper and pulse it once before transferring it to the frying pan. This procedure will give you the fluffiest omelets you will have ever tasted. You can also use the same trick to make scrambled eggs if you like those better.

Nut Butter:

Many people love nut butter especially peanut butter but very few of them know that it can easily be made at home with only a single ingredient and your blender. All you have to do is choose your favorite nut, roast it and blend it in the blender till the nut oils are released and it turns into a smooth paste. You can add flavorings if you like but many people prefer the natural flavor of the nuts. You just need to be careful about two things: turn off the blender at regular intervals so that the motors are not overworked and scrape the walls of the blender so that all the nuts get incorporated uniformly into the blades.

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