Vitamix 5300 Low-Profile Professional-Grade Blender Review

Vitamix 5300 Low-Profile Professional-Grade Blender ReviewVitamix are specialists when it comes kitchen equipment, especially blenders, and their 5300 model doesn’t disappoint. There are many different uses that you can have for a blender, and the Vitamix blender helps deliver exactly what you want it to.

The first thing that immediately strikes you about the blender is its sleek style. It is a good looking model that can either come in red or black and will look great on any kitchen counter. The dials and switches look simple and stylish and overall it has a great look.

Of course, however, you don’t buy a blender just for its look and this model is brilliant at all the aspects that you’d expect. The dial in the middle of the model has a variable speed setting so you will be able to achieve the texture that you want from your food. You also don’t need to stop the blender in order to change the dial so you have complete control over the speed of the device.

The designers have clearly taken many various aspects into account of what makes a great blender, as its 64-ounce container has a lower profile than a lot of other models, which make it more stable and easier to store under kitchen cabinets. The container should be more than big enough for almost all of your needs.

The blade in that container is made from hardened stainless steel so that it won’t be going to break. Its steel is aircraft-grade and will be able to continuously cut all the ingredients and be able to deliver you the best smoothie possible. That blade is run via a motor that is designed to remain cool with an even torque throughout the blend.

Vitamix 5300Those blades also have the ingenious ability to be able to self-clean the machine. Just add in a touch of dish soap and warm water and the blender will be able to clean itself which can be one of the biggest downsides about using a blender due to the mess that they make. With this model, cleaning a blender has never been easier.

Vitamix also allows you to buy a ‘certified reconditioned’ model which comes at less of a price. Those models come with a 5-year warranty, a full inspection, blades that have to be under a year old and comes in brand new packaging.

Whether you’re wanting to heat up food, chop, grind, blend or emulsify, this blender can do everything that you want it to and will last for a very long time due to its high level of build quality. It also has a pulse feature which is useful if you want heartier recipes such as thick soup.

This is a blender that ticks all of the boxes that you expect. It is simple to use but effective for all its uses. The new models come with a full 7-year warranty which will give you peace of mind that you’re buying a quality product and reassurance if it does fail. Overall this is a quality product and one of the leaders in its class.

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