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Tips for Making the Best Smoothies

Smoothies are a very smart way to take in more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis than you normally would. You can’t eat as many fruits and vegetables whole as you would consume in a drink. This means smoothies and milkshakes will provide you with a lot greater amount of vitamins and nutrients than you would normally consume. I should point out at this point that the best tools for making smoothies are blenders! There is not much trick involved in making smoothies. All that is required of you is to roughly cut some fruits and/or vegetables and put them in your blender along with some liquid and wait for everything to blend up nicely into a smooth, tasty drink!
Although smoothies make the easiest breakfast ever, there are some tips which you can remember for making them healthier and tastier:

Change the ingredients:

If you keep consuming a single smoothie every single day, you will seriously limit the variety of nutrients that you get in your diet. To ensure that you get all the right nutrients in their right amounts you will need to change the ingredients and add variety to the smoothies you consume. With this tip you will also get a chance to try out different flavors so that the smoothie experience does not become monotonous for you.

Liquid ingredients first:

Add the liquids in the blending jug before the solids since the liquids will be easier on the blades and help them out to get moving.
Fresh ingredients:
For the healthiest smoothies, use fresh and organic ingredients. The fruits and vegetables that are grown by using pesticides are not as tasty or as healthy so they should be avoided if possible.


For some people the natural sweetness of the fruits are enough for the flavor of their smoothie. If you are not one of them and want your smoothies sweeter, use natural sweeteners as they are much healthier than refined sugar. Maple syrup and honey are great sweeteners. You can also add dates to your smoothie after soaking them for a couple of hours.

Include ice:

This tip is exclusively for the owners of high-performance blenders. Read the instruction manual that came in the packing with your blender to check if your blender has ice-crushing capabilities. If your blender is capable of the job, always add ice to your smoothies because it will make your drink thicker and creamier. Not only will it look good in a glass but will also taste great!

Start with lowest speed setting:

It is best to turn the speed of the blender to the lowest setting when you are starting to blend the ingredients for your smoothie. A low speed will nicely cut up the ingredients into smaller pieces and then when you see the blades rotating without any hindrance, you can increase the speed to blend them fast. Increasing the speed from the very beginning will result in the blades rotating inside an air bubble and not affecting the ingredients. You will have to then turn it off, open the lid and use a tamper to remove the bubble and motion the blades to move.

Medicinal Tea:

Milk, water and juice are the usual ingredients that are used as the base of a smoothie. You can use medicinal tea as a replacement of these usual ingredients to give your smoothie a unique new flavor that you might enjoy. The consumption of a particular medicinal tea in your smoothie could also help address a particular medical condition that you might be experiencing.

Inclusion of greens:

Green smoothies are becoming popular nowadays for several health benefits and also to fight obesity. Since we don’t consume as many green vegetables in their natural form as we could add in a glass of smoothie, green smoothie is a great way to get your share of greens. You can start with adding some spinach or kale to your smoothies and see if you like the taste.

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