Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups Review

Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups Review-minModern blenders are more than just a basic kitchen appliance now, they are used to make nutritious breakfast smoothies, sauces, baby food and juices. If you are a gym fanatic, a busy mom or just someone who prefers to spend less time in the kitchen, you need a blender. The Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups will make your life simpler and have you drinking all sorts of frozen and nutritious goodies fast!

Featuring a large 72 oz crushing pitcher (9 cup) you are able to crush ice for your cocktails and frozen drinks in seconds. The pitcher also has a spout and lock on lid for easy pouring straight from the blender! The stacked blade technology ensures everything gets perfectly blended, mixed or chopped. Throw in some chopped fruit and sorbet and you’ve got yourself a breakfast to go.

Its large size means it’s big enough to make drinks for up to 4 people so you are able to serve the whole family in one go. It doesn’t stop at drinks though the Ninja Blender can be used to make purees, fresh salsas, and pasta sauces.

Also included are two Nutri Ninja Cups with to-go lids, a smaller size cup perfect for making single serve healthy drinks on the go. These cups are also a great for making multiple baby purees.

Powered by a massive 110 watt motor this blender is built tough and durable. Both the pitcher and ninja cups are completely BPA free. A sleek and simple look design the Ninja Blender also has cord storage to make it easier to store away when not in use. Easy to assemble for fast use there is nothing fiddly or frustrating about the Ninja Professional Blender.

Ninja Professional Blender-minTo get blending it’s a simple to use multi- speed button display. Speeds 1-3 are used for different functions. See below to see what each speed can do for you.

  • Speed 1 – Processing and Mixing – mix thin sauces and batters, purée cooked vegetables and scramble eggs.
  • Speed 2 – Blending – Blend soups, grind nuts, make milkshakes and other powdered drinks
  • Speed 3 – Pureeing, Liquefying and Ice Crushing- perfect for smoothies, frappes, blend whole fruit and vegetables, and crush ice cubes for snow cones or frozen drinks
  • Pulse – control intense bursts of power to perfectly blend, chop or process your food and drinks. No more overprocessing here.

This blender is not suitable for blending hot food or liquid as this may damage your machine. Let food or liquid come to room temperature before use.

Ninja know how to make your life easier, that’s why they have made the containers, lids and blades all dishwasher free. The base should never be placed in water and can be kept clean by wiping down with a wet sponge. Note care should always be taken when working with sharp blades. This appliance is not suitable for children.

You’re protected by a one year limited warranty. The warranty will cover all defects in materials or workmanship when used under normal home use.


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