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How to Deep Clean your Dirty Blender

In addition to their utility in loads of tough kitchen tasks, blenders also attract customers with the easy clean up they offer. If done smartly, cleaning a dirty blender is as fast as counting till 30! It could also become quite a difficult task if it is not cleaned right after being used. The choice is yours whether you want a 30 second job or a 15 minutes endeavor for yourself.  Here are some simple tips you can follow to keep your blender nice and clean without any unnecessary efforts:

30 Second Cleanup:

We often find ourselves pressed for time and it isn’t possible to go for an extensive cleanup. Don’t worry because this 30 seconds hack will perform the task just as good as an exhaustive scrubbing technique. You will simply have to fill your blender half way with lukewarm water along with a couple of drops of some mild dish soap. Secure the lid onto the pitcher and attach the pitcher to the motor base. Run the machine for a couple of seconds and let the blender work its magic! The blending of the soapy water will remove all the remnants of the ingredients that you processed earlier. Remove the pitcher, take off the lid and discard the contents in the sink. Rinse the pitcher and the lid with water and the work is done!

Tackling Stubborn Stains:

We are allowed to be lazy once in a while when we simply want to relish the delicious glass of smoothie we just made, leaving the cleaning up part for later. The food remains that will dry and get stuck on it aren’t that big of an issue because we have a helpful tip for that too. In your dirty blender, just add warm water, a little dish soap and 1 tablespoon baking powder. Put the lid on top and run the machine for a few seconds. Discard the contents in the sink and scrub the pitcher and lid using a soft sponge and warm water. Rinse it properly with water.

Cleaning the Base:

Remember never to put the base of the blender in water because this is the place where the motor is housed and can be damaged if water reaches it. To clean the blender base of food stains, you simply have to wipe it with a damp soft cloth. In order to remove stubborn stains, you can also apply a drop of dish soap to the damp cloth before wiping the base with it. If the base has knobs, food remains will accumulate around it over time. You will have to use a soft toothbrush or Q tips to clean around it since these nooks will be harder to reach with cloth. Once you are done cleaning, dry the base unit with a soft clean cloth.

Reassembling and Storing:

When you are done washing the blender and wiping its base, leave it to dry for a little while. Ensure that all the parts are free of any moisture before you store them because moisture can stimulate bacterial growth. To store the blender, it is strongly suggested that you reassemble all its parts with the pitcher secured to the base and the lid attached to the pitcher so that everything is in one place and doesn’t get lost. Most households use their blender regularly which is the reason why it is mostly kept on the countertop so that it is easily accessible. If it is only taken out for use once in a while, you can store it in a cupboard to save your counter space for some other use.

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