10 Best Vitamix Blender Reviews

When his good friend was facing a challenging illness, Vitamix founder William Grover Barnard recognized the importance of whole foods, when wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. Since the 1920s, his company ‘Vitamix’ has produced quality blenders designed to improve your daily health by drinking fruit and vegetable smoothies, whilst at the same time optimizing the nutrients you can extract from them, to get all the vitamins required for leading a healthy lifestyle. Stemming from the desire to draw out the best vitamins and nutrients from our foods, the Vitamix has the most sophisticated design of home blenders on the market today. Using a Vitamix Blender can help improve the quality of your cooking as well as the quality of your health, making it a fantastic staple in any and every home kitchen. Find reviews below from customers who have had their health goals achieved and cooking experienced dramatically improved with the help of Vitamix.

Best Vitamix Blenders in Summary

Vitamix Blender Reviews

Vitamix 3 Pre-Programmed Settings Blender

This is among the best models that Vitamix has brought to the market with a high-performance motor of 2 HP and a large blending container with a volume of 64 ounces ideal for family meal preparation. Whether you want to crush ice or make the smoothest nut butter, if you have this capable machine, nothing seems difficult. A tamper is also included to easily scrape the food off the walls which especially comes in handy when making nut butter. The model offers 3 preset options for the most popular blending tasks which include soups, smoothies and desserts. Its variable speed dial gives you 10 speed options to select from and there is also a pulse option which comes in handy for many blending tasks. You can also claim its 7 year full warranty in case of any damage to the blender.

This is a model you could choose for a restaurant kitchen or even for your home kitchen if you want a blender with professional performance. The 2 peak HP motor lets you prepare many recipes including soups, smoothies, ice creams and more. Safety features are also incorporated in the unit to protect your investment from harm. These include a cooling fan to save the motor from heating up and also a thermal protection system to save the unit against overload. The container presents a capacity of 64 ounces and the lid has a vent and cover to add liquids while blending. The design of the container makes it very simple to clean. It has unique ‘wet’ blades made with poly-carbonate to blend more efficiently than the other blenders available at this price. You get a long 7 year warranty with this blender.

Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend Blender

You get this commercial level blender in under $400 which helps you blend hundreds of recipes using its useful features and a tough motor which is rated at 2 peak horsepower. It is especially great at crushing ice and making smoothies. The 2 speed settings that the blender runs at are easy enough to operate even when at the disposal of an amateur cook and are enough to produce great results. The 64 ounce blending jar is constructed out of durable poly-carbonate and the stainless steel blades that are present on its base with ball bearings are among the best in the market. Built-in safety features protect the motor against overheating but if you still encounter damage, a 5 year warranty is present to help you out. Cleaning up the blender should not be tiresome at all since there is no need detach or reattach the parts for cleaning.

Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender

With multiple eye-catching features and a competent motor, this is a professional blender in every sense. With this blender in your kitchen, not only will you have access to unlimited smoothies, but also nut butter, dough and soup with minimum effort from your end. Ten levels of speed are available and also a pulse for most excellent results possible. 64 ounce container is large enough to blend multiple serving of smoothies for all the family members but the height is intentionally kept short so that it will easily store under your kitchen cabinets. The blades are made with stainless steel of aircraft-grade and the motor sends high levels of power continuously for the blending operation while keeping its temperature cool to prevent any burnout. The cleanup is as simple as adding soap and water to the jar and blending for 30 seconds before rinsing. You obtain a 7 year warranty with the purchase as well.

Vitamix 500 Professional Series Blender

This is another high quality blender by Vitamix with a 2 HP motor with the ability to perform a long list of the toughest possible blending tasks. Although the motor delivers massive power, it maintains a safe temperature to save if from burning out in case of overloading. The blending jar is made of Tritan, is BPA-free in compliance to health standards and can hold up to 64 ounces of food. The lid on the jar is spill-proof, vented and has a detachable plug to add liquids while blending the contents. The control system comprises of 10 speed settings, 3 preset options for soups, desserts and smoothies and also a pulse. The cleaning is simpler than your expectations requiring you to just blend soapy water for a few seconds and then rinse it. The company will also give you a 7 year warranty for the blender.  

Vitamix 5300 Blender

Vitamix 5300 BlenderIf you are considering buying a capable blender to execute all your smoothie requirements as well as that for hot sauces and soups, there is not better appliance than this durable and beautiful blender by Vitamix. Powered by a motor of 2.2 horsepower, the blender has a changeable speed control with a dial to choose any speed during the blending task. Its 64 ounce blending jar features a low profile design so that it can sit easily under kitchen cabinets. With a strong motor which maintains a cool temperature and aircraft-grade blades made with stainless steel, it is possible to prepare any smoothie easily and quickly.

Vitamix 5200 Blender Manufactured in Cleveland, the blender features an adjustable speed control with a dial that rotates to change the speed. The powerful motor has no problem pureeing even the smallest seeds into a smooth puree. For making hot soups, the blades have the capability to rotate at great speeds to produce friction and heat to boil even cold ingredients. The machine can also be utilized to make frozen desserts, grind nuts and coffee beans and also to knead bread and pizza dough. The performance and durability of the blender is highlighted by its impressive 7 year long manufacturer’s warranty.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Vitamix Professional Series 750 BlenderStanding amongst the most able blenders in the market, it is run by a 2.2 horsepower motor of commercial-grade and blades made with stainless steel with a diameter of 4 inches. It includes a large 64 ounce container for preparing family meals but has a low profile design so that it can be stored under the cabinets easily. Cleaning is not a problem since the machine virtually does the cleaning on its own in a few seconds if you add soapy water to it and run it. With this appliance you will have access to the best tool featuring 5 preprogrammed settings to make smoothies, soups and more.

Vitamix 6500 Powerful Blender

Vitamix 6500 Powerful BlenderWith 3 programmable options including smoothies, desserts and hot soups and a motor of 2.2 horsepower, the impressive professional-grade blender features a large 64 oz. container for family meals which is short enough to store under kitchen cabinets easily. With its adjustable speed control you can blend any texture you want for your recipe be it smooth or chunky. The appliance can prepare nut butter much faster than any other appliance which can do the job. With its 7 year warranty and impressive performance, this blender is the best addition to any household which is careful about their health.

Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 Speed BlenderIf you desire to embellish your kitchen with an elegant high performance blender, this powerful blender is one of the best available picks in the store. It is run by a 3 HP motor which is capable of running for long duration without being overworked. With its adjustable speed settings, you can blend any texture and consistency with perfection easily. With a unique accelerator switch, it can reach even higher speeds for fast blending. Its large 64 ounce blending pitcher is shatter-proof and includes a tamper which pushes the contents towards the blades. The manufacturer provides a 3 year warranty for its motor and a year warranty for its parts.

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