9 Best Smoothie Blender Reviews 2019 – Comprehensive Guide (Updated)

All blenders will be able to blend some fruits and vegetables into a drinkable liquid. What then makes a smoothie blender so different? If you take smoothies as a regular part of your diet either for a fresh and healthy lifestyle or to cut down on your calorie consumption, you don’t just need any regular blender but a specialized tool for the task. That’s exactly what the best smoothie blenders are for.

The smoothie blenders can cut through frozen fruits and vegetables along with ice if that’s what you prefer in your smooth creamy drink. They do not even require you to add any liquid since they can handle much thicker consistencies than a regular blender.

Finding the best blender for smoothies is, however, not so easy. There are so many models out there that sell themselves as a smoothie blender and will attract you with their cheaper price tag but won’t deliver the performance of one. To help you make the right investment, our in detailed smoothie blender reviews should helps you to make the right decision because we only have picked some of the top selling products from the most renowned manufacturers.

Best Smoothie Blenders Comparison Table

NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender
KitchenAid Diamond Smoothie Blender
Ninja Personal Smoothie Blender
Breville Fresh & Furious Blender
Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender
Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender
Vitamix 5200 Blender
Vitamix 750 Blender
Breville Smoothie Blender

How to find the Best Smoothie Blender

Finding the best smoothie blender for your morning blends isn’t the easiest thing in the world. However, it isn’t very hard either if you know what to look for. Most of you who are purchasing a smoothie blender for the first time might not be sure what features to look for and what’s worth the money. Here is everything you need to look for in a smoothie blender.


You will find some smoothie blenders which come with full-sized family jars while others are just sufficient to feed one or two people. Make sure that the size of the blender that you choose fulfills the requirements of your family and is large enough to feed everyone. However, for singles or couples, personal smoothie blenders are a preferred option for two reasons: they are cheaper and can double as a serving cup which saves you from the unnecessary cleanup.


The power of the motor is a major feature which distinguishes a smoothie blender among all the blenders. Some companies may sell their products as smoothie blenders but fail to include a powerful motor in the design. These blenders do not truly qualify as a smoothie blender. A smoothie blender should be able to crush ice which isn’t a task for a weak motor to handle.

In general, for a full-sized smoothie blender, a minimum 1000 watts motor is a must to be able to crush ice and blend frozen ingredients when preparing smoothies. However, it isn’t just the motor power that decides if the smoothie blender can crush ice and produce excellent smoothie results. It is also the material and the design of the blades and the blending jar which has a role to play in the capabilities of the smoothie blender.


What’s also important for a smoothie blender besides its motor power is the blade, as already pointed out. The blades are what will chop and puree all the ingredients you wish to taste in your smoothie drink. Always choose a smoothie blender which includes stainless steel blades. Those that are made of plastic won’t be able to handle thicker consistencies and harder ingredients such as ice. Since you won’t just be using your smoothie blender for smoothies but for several other things as well, you should know if your smoothie blender is capable of handling all those things. A smoothie blender will plastic blades will surely not be able to handle hot soups since it can melt. Many newer models of smoothie blenders used an advanced blade system for better functionality. These include the stacked blade system called Extractor Blades of Nutri Ninja smoothie blenders. These blades are designed to break through the cell walls of the fruits and vegetables and extract the maximum nutrients possible.


Like we already mentioned, you don’t want a smoothie blender that’s just capable of making smoothies. You want to be able to prepare loads of different recipes with a single appliance. The best smoothie blenders will offer a bunch of different functions for ‘milkshakes’, ‘soup’, ‘dessert’, ‘salsa’ and ‘auto-cleaning’ besides the basic ‘smoothie’ function. With this array of functions to choose from, the smoothie blender offers you with the ability to create different dishes with the push of a single button. Depending on the function that you choose, the smoothie blender will set the blending cycle with suitable speed, pauses and pulses for suitable time duration and present to you the desired results. Of course, you will have to pay a bit more for these advanced smoothie blenders which come with specialized functions.

Solid base:

So here’s another useful tip that many people will fail to take notice of: look for a solid base for the smoothie blender that you buy. A metal base is usually preferred over a weaker plastic base. Although the base of your smoothie blender may seem like an insignificant detail, it is important for two things:

  • A weaker base is usually associated with a weaker motor which means the smoothie blender in question will not deliver the smoothie making capabilities that you are looking for.
  • A solid base will give the structure necessary stability when preparing smoothies at high speeds and using harder ingredients.

Speed settings:

Multiple speed settings aren’t really necessary when it comes to smoothie blenders or any blender for that matter. Many companies will advertise a range of different speeds and charge a higher price for their product. Thankfully, you now know better than to fall into their marketing traps. Two speeds along with a pulse setting are generally sufficient to get the required results. A pulse setting is a must-have feature for a smoothie blender since it will come in handy when crushing ice or when trying to set free any solids which block the path of the blades.


Another very important thing you need to watch out for is the kind of clean up the smoothie blender offers. Can the parts be detached quickly and washed in a dishwasher? Does the jar need to be hand-washed and has a complex design where food is most likely to get stuck? Does it offer an auto-cleaning function?

The most advanced of the smoothie blenders offer a convenient auto-cleaning function which simply allows you to add soap and water to the jar and press the ‘auto-cleaning’ button. Once the smoothie blender is done with its job, you simply dump the contents into the sink and rinse it. If it does not come with this super-convenient feature, the smoothie blender should, in the very least, feature a simple design which can be easily cleaned inside a dishwasher. Beware of complex designs of the jars where food remains can get stuck. These smoothie blenders with complex designs are the ones which you must avoid purchasing since you won’t be too motivated to use them regularly if they aren’t easy to clean.

Good warranty:

Although you can find regular blenders at a cheap price, smoothie blender are a bit more expensive. Since you’re going to spend a decent amount of money in buying a smoothie blender, you should at least be entitled to a decent warranty to establish confidence in your investment. The simple rule with warranties is this: the longer the better. You should be able to enjoy your customized blends every day, maybe even multiple times a day, without any fear of burning out the motors. To ensure the safety of your investment, a long term warranty is a must. The high-end smoothie blenders such as Blendtec Designer Series will feature a warranty as long as 8 years.

Pitcher Material:

Another important consideration is the material that’s used for making the blender jar. The two most popular materials you will find in the construction of pitchers are plastic and glass. There are some models of smoothie blenders which feature steel pitchers. These, however, are less popular among customers because they don’t let you see what’s going on inside the jar without lifting the lid.

The major competition is, then, between plastic and glass. Plastic is usually preferred since it is lightweight, easier to handle and cheaper. However, do make sure that you choose a BPA-free smoothie blender if it features a plastic jar. BPA-free plastic will ensure that the smoothies you prepare are safe for your health and that of your family’s.

Glass jars are generally heavier, pricier and may break if you accidentally drop them. However, they pose no health issues and resist any lingering food smells or stains, unlike plastic jars. If you do choose to purchase a smoothie blender with a glass jar, make sure it’s shatter-proof so it may survive high-speed blending and accidental falls without any breakage or cracks.

Smoothie Blender Reviews

#1. NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed BlenderAmong the best selling smoothie blenders on Amazon is this 12-piece set available from NutriBullet which promotes simpler and a more enjoyable smoothie making experience for the entire family. It features a high-torque base equipped with a strong 600 watts motor and 3 different blending cups to choose from. You can blend in the cup of your choice and take your drink on the go in the same cup along with the re-sealable lids that are included in the set.

Besides the extractor blade which features a cyclonic action to quickly extract maximum nutrients from the fruits and vegetables that you add to the blending cup, you will also find a milling blade for even more versatile usage of the appliance. The parts are all BPA-free to guarantee your health and dishwasher-safe to ensure simpler cleanup.

You will find a nutrition guide in the package to help you manage a healthy diet and a 1-year warranty with the product so that you may use it regularly without fearing any damage. There is, additionally, a user manual which offers tons of delicious and healthy smoothie recipes that you can try every day.


The blades of the blender aren’t strong enough to crush ice, so you’ll have to prepare your smoothies without the addition of ice. Also, the product doesn’t offer a long term warranty such as those offered by the high-end smoothie blenders.

#2. KitchenAid Diamond Smoothie Blender

Kitchen Aid 5-Speed Diamond Smoothie Blender

If you have a restricted budget to work with, you can find a smoothie blender almost as good as one of the high-end models. This is a 5-speed blender by KitchenAid which offers more or less the same smoothie making capabilities as that of a high-end smoothie blender but is available at a much smaller price.

The diamond blending system through which the blender gets its name refers to the combination of a powerful motor, stainless steel blades, diamond pitcher and the 5-speed controls which make up a powerful system to blend smoothies, milkshakes and purees. The unique Intelli-speed motor control that this appliance offers senses the ingredients that you add to the pitcher and switch the speed accordingly to maintain optimum results.

The 5 speed controls come in addition to a pulse option and a unique ice-crush option which is a combination of timed pulses for efficient ice crushing. Additionally the diamond pitcher features a capacity of 60 oz., is made from BPA-free, shatter-proof, stain-resistant material and is dishwasher safe to save you from any tedious cleaning chores.


Some users complained of the occasional leaking of ingredients through the lid of the smoothie blender. There are also some complaints of the noise it produces during operation which is comparatively higher than other blender models.

#3. Ninja Personal Smoothie Blender

Ninja Personal Smoothie BlenderIf you don’t have a large family to feed and only make personal serving smoothies on a daily basis, why waste money on the expensive family sized models such as the one mentioned above. You can achieve the same amazing smoothie making features at a smaller price if you go for one of the personal serving models. Nutri Ninja personal blender is a small but powerful smoothie blender with its 1000-watts base to crush anything from frozen fruits and vegetables to ice in just a matter of seconds.

The blender does a great job at extracting all the nutrients from the ingredients which you add to the blending cup all thanks to its powerful motor and the Pro Extractor Blades which crush the ingredients in seconds. The blender quickly processes the ingredients and turns them into a form that’s the healthiest and the easiest to digest.

2 Nutri Ninja cups (18 oz. and 24 oz.) are available along with individual Sip & Seal lids to take your smoothies on the go. What’s more convenient than blending your smoothie in the morning and drinking it from the same cup that you blend in? All the parts are dishwasher safe for even more convenience and BPA-free to ensure your health.


There are hard to find any drawbacks to the use of this amazing smoothie blender except that it is a bit noisier than others.

#4. Breville Fresh & Furious Blender

Breville Fresh & Furious BlenderIf you’re looking for a sleek, reasonably priced blender to bring home for your morning smoothies, here is an excellent choice. Not only is it a powerful smoothie blender, it also features some food processing tasks to add even more versatility to your kitchen. It includes a fairly strong 1100 watts motor capable of pulverizing ice and frozen ingredients within seconds, chopping food to creating sauces and dressings and also grinding dry ingredients such as nuts and coffee beans.

The   controls feature some pre-set options for your convenience in addition to 5 manual speeds for more precise control. There is also an LCD display and timer to help you keep track of the blending durations. The auto-cleaning function cleans up the blending jar quickly and properly without much intervention from you while the innovative ‘assist lid’ design makes it easier to remove using the ring pull, yet, maintaining a tight seal while processing.

Additionally, the BPA-free container features a 50 oz. capacity and is made with Eastman Tritan for ultimate durability. The package will also include an instruction guide and a resourceful recipe book to get you started on your smoothie expedition.


Few drawbacks worth mentioning include the fact that this smoothie blender comes with a very short warranty of only a year compared to many other high-end models in the market. Also, the package does not include a tamper and is fairly noisy during operation.

#5. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original BlenderHere is another inexpensive smoothie blender which is a big hit among smoothie lovers. This is a 75 oz. smoothie blender by Blendtec which features a professional-grade motor of 1560 watts and a simple-to-use control panel with 6 pre-programmed cycles for making your blending tasks simpler. There is also a convenient ‘self-cleaning’ function which virtually takes all the hassle out of cleaning. Besides the convenient pre-set controls, you can also use manual controls with 10-speed options and a pulse control to manage the blending operation precisely.

The patented stainless steel blades are purposefully fashioned with dull edges rather than sharp to ensure that the appliance can safely be used even by amateur cooks without cutting their fingers. Despite being dull, these blades are multiple times stronger than most blades and will create fast and smooth blends for you to enjoy. The BPA free jar, 75 ounces in volume and 32 ounces of blending capacity, holds enough to feed 3 to 4 persons at a time and is built strong enough to create hot soups inside it without requiring the use of a stove.

To top it all off, the manufacturer provides a phenomenal 8-year warranty with this smoothie blender so that you may use it for years to come without experiencing any problems.


What we don’t like about this smoothie blender is that it’s a bit noisy during operation and also that it does not include a tamper in the design. Other than these minor flaws, it’s an excellent smoothie blender available at an attractive price.

6. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Vitamix E310 Explorian BlenderHere is another smoothie blender by Vitamix which is suitable for both, domestic and commercial use, and is among the best that you will find in the market. Equipped with a professional-grade 2 peak horsepower motor, the smoothie blender is capable of performing most blending tasks with ease including smoothies, crushed ice, hot soups and more.

The 48-ounce blending container holds enough food to feed 2 to 3 persons and is made with Eastman Tritan Polyester material which is durable and shatter resistant. The smaller size, as compared to the usual 60 ounces family-sized jug, makes the structure compact and easier to fit on the kitchen counter. Additionally, the stainless steel blades are built to last you years and offer quick blending operation for all kinds of ingredients that you put inside the jar.

Along with the variable speed dial present on the base of the smoothie blender, which offers accurate control of the blending tasks, you will also find a useful pulse switch for more precise uses. The device also comes with self-cleaning features to allow hassle-free cleanup and a built-in thermal protection system to prevent the motor from overheating while processing for long durations.


Vitamix E310 features a smaller warranty, of 5 years, as compared to the other models from Vitamix of comparable price. Also, there are no preset options present on the control panel which the users might have found handy for the usual blending tasks.

7. Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix 5200 BlenderVitamix is a brand which cannot skip any list liked to blenders so here is an excellent smoothie blender from the company. The speed dial featured in the design allows you to choose between 10 speeds to maintain precise control over your recipes while the 64-ounce capacity featured by the blending jar allows enough room to prepare family-sized servings.

The blender is built to last with a strong construction of the components, aircraft-grade stainless steel blades and a tough motor. The motor, with 2 peak horsepower, provides enough power to create sizzling soups right out of the blending jar and for kneading dough and creating creamy nut butter. The appliance is, additionally, capable of crushing ice and creating frozen desserts within seconds. The thermal protection system with cooling fans ensures that the motor does not overheat even when processing for long intervals.

The self-cleaning function makes cleanup very simple for the user while the BPA-free Tritan Copolyester used in the construction of the blending jar ensures your health and the durability of the product itself. Vitamix also offers an impressive 7-year long warranty and an excellent customer service with the appliance.


It is a fairly simple model which does not come with many accessories apart from a tamper and does not include any preset control options to make use of. Nonetheless, the performance is exceptional and capable of handling all sorts of blended recipes with ease.

8. Vitamix 750 Blender

When you say blender, Vitamix is the first name that comes to mind because they bring such amazing blending packages to the market. One such example is this incredible smoothie blender which offers 5 pre-set options for the most commonly used blending tasks and allows you to walk away and do other things while the smoothie blender handles things on its own. These pre-set options will include smoothies, desserts, soups, purees and also a convenient self-cleaning option.

If you are not in the mood for pre-set options, you can also manually select a suitable speed from among the 10 speeds on the variable speed dial of the appliance. What makes it so incredible at whipping up your morning smoothies are its aircraft grade stainless steel blades capable of producing 37,000 rpm and its cool running motors which deliver consistent power and uniform torque no matter how hard the ingredients are.

The 64 ounces blending jar means you can make enough smoothie servings for everyone in the family. However, the shape of the jar is intentionally kept wider and shorter so that it fits inside kitchen cabinets easily. Manufactured in the US, the blender is extremely durable and is backed by a long 7 years warranty.


Some features which you won’t like are its relatively higher price and the fact that it is somewhat noisier than other models at the highest speed. However, the price is completely justified when you take into account all the amazing features.

9. Breville Smoothie Blender

This is another powerful but simple to use smoothie blender which is among the top favorite picks of smoothie lovers. It uses a 2 peak horsepower motor to crush anything from ice to frozen fruits and green vegetables. The availability of 5 preset options makes your task even simpler whether you are making smoothies, green smoothies, dessert, soup or crushed ice. You can also use the variable speed dial to control the blender manually using the 12 speed options if you want precise results for consistency and texture.

The Kinetix blades fitted in the blending jar are uniquely designed to pull all the ingredients into the blades and uniformly blend them without the intervention of a tamper. To add to the capabilities of the blades, the 68 ounces blending jar is also shaped to push the ingredients down to the blades in order to blend them faster. The capacity is also larger than what most family-sized blenders offer.

Durability shouldn’t even be a concern for you. Experiment with all sorts of different ingredients you can think of without fearing any damage to the appliance since it is backed by the same warranty of 7 years as the first one on our list.


This smoothie blender is good at everything except that it is a bit heavy and therefore somewhat difficult to move and also that the lid is a bit difficult to remove.

Benefits of having a Glass of Smoothie Every Day

Staying healthy or losing weight can be very demanding most of the times. If you think about it, who likes a bunch of bland vegetables on their plate? Neither can we trade an apple for a scrumptious hamburger, can we? Smoothies, in such a situation, come to save the day. Not only are they delicious and appetizing, but they are also super-healthy. Here are a few benefits of adding smoothies to your regular diet:

Calorie burning:

If you choose your ingredients smartly, smoothies can help you in your weight loss plans in multiple ways. Fruits and vegetables are low on calories and keep your tummy full so you won’t find yourself snacking all day. Furthermore, there are many fruits and vegetables like berries, kale and broccoli which help burn the calories you take in the rest of the day through other meals. You need to think of an intelligent combination of ingredients with some fruits which add taste to your smoothies like bananas or pineapples and others which offer weight loss benefits.

Keeps you hydrated:

Besides adding the right quantity of fruits and vegetables, drinking the recommended amount of water is another thing we find hard keeping track of. Can you say with confidence that you drink 7 to 8 glasses of water every single day? That’s what’s recommended by the health experts. Smoothies are a major source of water since you will add in some liquid to blend the fruits and vegetables. Besides, the fruits and vegetables, too, are mostly all water. This means smoothies will help keep you sufficiently hydrated at least for a while.

Improves digestion:

If you haven’t ever tried a green smoothie, now is the time to do so. Among the hundreds of benefits that green smoothies offer you with, one is a pronounced improvement in your digestion. The greens which you add into your green smoothies including kale, spinach and celery are most often alkaline and help fight acidity, heartburn and other related issues. Besides green vegetables, there are other ingredients too which you can add for their digestion benefits. These include carrots and strawberries.


For all those who haven’t studied medicine, antioxidants are very beneficial in keeping you safe from certain serious health problems such as heart diseases and cancer. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants which means that you are more resistant to these major health problems if you drink smoothies, as compared to other people. For an even greater boost of antioxidants in your diet, you can add some Matcha green tea powder to your smoothie blender when preparing yourself a drink. Grapes, berries and vegetables that are dark green in color (spinach for example) are also rich sources of antioxidants.

Healthy skin:

If you are a woman you would understand the importance of healthy glowing skin. Isn’t it what every woman dreams of? The fresh and glowing look of your skin which fruits, vegetables and water are capable of bringing doesn’t come with even the most expensive makeup brands. Fruits and vegetables contain carotenoids which help give you a brighter look.

Stronger immunity to diseases:

Among the endless benefits that smoothies offer you with is also a boost in your immune system. The fruits and vegetables that you add to your smoothies are rich in nutrients which help build up your immune system. An improved immune system helps you ward off many diseases and recover faster from those which do get the best of you.

Easy to prepare:

Besides all the healthy benefits that smoothies offer you with, they also make a quick and easy meal which almost anyone can make within 15 minutes. Whether you are a professional chef or don’t cook much at all, a glass of smoothie is something anyone can treat themselves with. All you need to do, after all, is to cut up and add a bunch of fruits and vegetables of your choice, add a smoothie base, some ice and a sweetener of choice to your smoothie blender and blend away! In just a few seconds you’ll be pouring out your scrumptious breakfast in a glass!

5 Top Smoothie Making Tips

Once you have the right tool for the job, i.e. a smoothie blender, you should be able to treat yourself with healthy, delicious smoothies every morning. Although preparing a glass of smoothie is no rocket science and just about anybody who owns a smoothie blender can do it, there are a few useful smoothie making tips for you to ensure a perfect drink.

Use frozen fruits:

A regular blender might not be able to handle frozen fruits or ice but since you have a smoothie blender which is very much capable of handling these tough ingredients, why not make the most out of it. Freeze the fruits a few hours before making your smoothie. Blending frozen fruits and vegetables makes your smoothie thicker and tastier.

Add greens first:

Before adding the rest of the ingredients, it is better to add the greens such as kale, spinach or wheatgrass first and blend them with some liquid. Once you are sure that the greens have turned into a smooth texture, you may add in the rest of the ingredients. Blending the greens separately before any of the other ingredients ensures a smoother texture of your drink and eliminates the possibilities of finding any unappetizing vegetable chunks in your drink.

Add less liquid:

Nobody likes a smoothie that’s too thin or watery. To keep the consistency thicker, it is best to add the liquids gradually, just enough for the blender to blend everything nicely. Once you have added the solid ingredients, just add enough liquid that will cover all the solids. This amount of liquid is more than sufficient to blend your ingredients into a smooth drink.

Cut the fruits and vegetables:

Unless you are using a very high powered smoothie blender, it is best to cut up your fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces. Not only will doing so help the blender do its work faster, it will also prevent you from finding any solid chunks in your glass.

Use natural sweeteners:

To keep your smoothies healthy and low on calories it is recommended that you use natural sweeteners instead of refined sugar to add taste to your smoothies. There are many ingredients which can add sweetness to your smoothies without requiring the addition of any sugar. These include dates, bananas, grapes, maple syrup or honey. You can use any one of these ingredients or their combinations to make your smoothies naturally sweet.

Can you make protein shakes in a smoothie blender?

Have you ever tried protein shakes? Protein shakes are an excellent source of protein for your body and yes, smoothie blenders are definitely the best appliance you can make them with. Protein shakes are especially important after a tough workout session since your muscles have put in a lot of effort and are now in dire need of some extra protein to regain their lost strength. Preparing a protein shake doesn’t take much time or efforts either. You simply have to pick a good protein powder, a fruit to add some taste and a little milk (you may also use yogurt instead of milk) to your smoothie blender and blend till everything turns into a smooth shake. Pour out your protein shake and enjoy it with your favorite TV show!

If you’re confused with the choice of ingredients to prepare an appetizing protein shake, you will find loads of protein shakes recipes on the internet.


A smoothie blender is a major investment in your health so take time out to consider your options carefully. It is the only way you can get your fair share of nutrients from fruits and vegetables since most of us don’t enjoy eating them raw. The best smoothie blender will go a long way in ensuring your health and well being by creating versatile smoothie recipes full of nutrients and taste. The good thing is that smoothie blenders does not need to cost you a fortune. If you consider everything that we have mentioned in the guide, you will definitely find a great smoothie blender at an affordable price.

Once you have found the best blender for smoothies, you can experiment with all sorts of different fruits and vegetables and their combinations to figure out your favorite blend. And if you run out of ideas, you will find tons of recipes on the internet. The true potential of your smoothie blender will only be unveiled once you start using it.


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