Best Baby Food Blender for Making Food at Home 2019

Having a new baby in the house can be exciting and intimidating at the same time, especially so if this is your first parenting experience. Baby food blenders can make parenting much easier and enjoyable for you.

Of course, as any other smart parent, you would want to feed your child with nutritious home-cooked meals once her weaning stage begins rather than bringing packaged food from the store. Although homemade meals are nutritious, healthy and fresh for your baby, they can become quite a hassle to prepare if you don’t have the right tools. This is exactly where you need the best blender for baby food to help you with.

The latest varieties of baby food blenders available in the market can chop, cook, puree and serve meals, all in a single place saving you loads of time and efforts. With these baby food blenders, you can even prepare multiple batches of different types of baby foods at the same time to use later.

Although there are tons of such products available in the market which help with the preparation of baby food, we have handpicked the top rated ones for you and provided honest reviews for them. Make sure to read baby food blender reviews which are available on the same page before you make your pick.   

Best Blender for Baby Food Comparison Table

Baby Brezza 12 Piece Set
Beaba Babycook Blueberry
Philips Avent Baby Food Blender
Babymoov Food Maker

Baby Food Blender Reviews

1. Baby Brezza 12 Piece Set

If you want hands free operation from steaming to cooking of baby food, this is just the appliance for you. Despite being a very affordable package, this baby food blender steams and then blends the ingredients in the same bowl with the push of a single button from you. This allows you to spend more time tending to the other requirements of your baby while the baby blender handles the cooking task.

It is not simply a steamer and blender but a complete package which handles everything there is to do with baby food: preparation, storage and serving. To handle all these tasks, the package includes a 3-cups steaming and blending bowl and 3 reusable food pouches for storing and serving the food. These food pouches include funnels to transfer the prepared food easily inside them.

The bowl and blade are both dishwasher safe for the easiest cleanup you could imagine. The water tank which is responsible for the steaming of food can be easily detached when you want to clean and refill it. As for the durability, you have nothing to worry about since the product is backed with a yearlong warranty from the manufacturer.


The appliance is a great value for money but there are certain drawbacks with which you need to be familiar. The lid becomes hot when you use the steam function so you need to be careful not to touch it or hold it down while blending the cooked ingredients. Also, the lid is slightly difficult to remove.

2. Beaba Babycook Blueberry

Beaba Babycook BlueberryThis is another all-in-one unit for baby food preparation similar to the one mentioned above but with a slightly higher price tag. The device is simple to use and can handle up to 4.5 cups of baby food to make multiple servings at once and store for later use. In a single bowl, the blender can steam, blend and also reheat food when it needs to be served to your child.

The multi-purpose blade available with the blending jar blends just the texture that you would like for your child and there is also a convenient timer option which sounds when the meal is ready to be served. The appliance also shuts off automatically when the preset time elapses.

This baby food blender allows you to prepare a range of different recipes to feed your child with including purees, soups and sauces. It also works with a range of different ingredients for your baby food recipes including fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Whatever you plan on cooking and blending, the meal will be prepared and ready to be served within 15 minutes. All the parts are dishwasher safe for making the cleanup part easier for you.


The water reservoir will need continuous maintenance from the user otherwise it can grow molds which make the appliance unsuitable for the health of your baby.  

3. Philips Avent Baby Food Blender

Philips is known for the quality and performance of the products that it delivers and this baby food blender by Philips AVENT is just another example of its excellence. Using the processing that is included in the unit, you first steam the ingredients. You then simply lift and place the same container upside down to blend the ingredients once they are cooked to your liking. This makes the unit incredibly simple to use and minimizes the cleanup involved with using multiple bowls for multiple tasks.

While the design is compact to make storage easier for you, the water tank is purposefully designed to keep the cleaning and the refilling task simple. Additionally, since you control the texture of the blend, you can keep using the same appliance for all stages of weaning from pureed foods of the first stage to even finger foods. For making finger foods, you simple cut fruits and vegetables into long strips and steam them. There is no need to blend if you want finger foods for your baby.

The jar capacity is 800ml which means you can prepare batches of baby food and store them in the fridge or freezer to be used for multiple days. The jar is BPA-free and along with the blade, it is also dishwasher safe.


The design is simple and the performance is excellent. The only disadvantage we found was that the user is required to lift and flip the jar for blending. Many models of baby blenders also offer steaming and blending with the push of a single button.

4. Babymoov Food Maker

Probably the latest and the fanciest product available on Amazon by the name of baby food blender or baby food maker is this 5-in-1 device by Babymoov. With two steamer baskets which steam different batches of food at the same time with a total capacity of 6.25 cups and a 3 cups blending bowl, this baby blender allows you to prepare 25 servings of baby food at once. You can store the food in the freezer and use it for many days.

The convenience that the device delivers is exceptional with timers, alarms and automatic shutting off of the appliance when the set time elapses. Cooking different types of foods which have different cooking times is simple since you need to add the ingredients with the longer cooking time in the lower basket and let it cook for some time before you attach the upper basket with the ingredients with smaller cooking time.

Besides steaming, blending and reheating baby food, the appliance can also warm and sterilize milk bottles for the baby which is probably the reason why it is such a big favorite among moms. The LCD screen makes usage simple while the dishwasher safe parts make cleaning easy for you. All the parts that come in contact with the food are additionally BPA-free to ensure your child’s health.


It’s an excellent pick and the only problems we found with the unit were its larger size compared to others in the market which makes it unsuitable for smaller kitchens and the absence of storage containers in the package. Storage containers are, however, sold separately if you wish to purchase them.

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